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Beauty tools are not just for women!

Meet Andrew and see how he brings beauty to the boys

Our dedicated, quick-witted, hilarious and of course professional CEO at QVS quite literally brightens up the office every day. He’s a lover of family, friends, the beach, water sports, cooking and eating! When he is not travelling the globe, a typical day for our much-loved CEO consists of an early start walking his two dogs Gus and Roy before heading to the office for his coffee kick starter.

What is his favourite part of QVS “working with a great bunch of people both locally and globally where there is always something new and exciting happening”.

Why cosmetic and grooming tools we ask him “Well put simply, you need these tools every day! And a lot of the time you don’t even realise it, what is better than providing a product that people use every day!”

We had a peep into his man bag and snooped around his desk to see what products he has been using, here is what we found!

Deluxe travel mask “Sometimes this mask is on and it’s lights out before we even take off, makes overnight flights a lot more pleasant”.

Curved nail scissors “I use these to cut my nails, but also to keep my beard tidy if I haven’t had a chance to properly trim it”.

Nail file & buffer “my wife has taught me that using one of these is far more effective than biting my nails”.

Toenail clipper with catcher – “who doesn’t use a toenail clipper!”

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