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Introducing the new hero of your facial cleansing routine

Whether your skincare routine consists of 1 product or 5, it should always start with cleansing. Here’s how to achieve fresh, clear skin with a little help from our beauty routine hero – the QVS Facial Cleansing Sponges 

You’re absolutely not alone if you thought putting some cleanser on your skin twice a day and rubbing it around with your fingers was enough to give a GOOD cleanse – and believe us, so did we.

But the verdict is in, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be shocked to hear it, but there IS, in fact a better way to clean.

If you’re like us, you’ve been cleansing your skin morning and night for as long as you can remember, so first, congratulations! *Insert round of applause*.

Cleansing your skin is just about the best thing you can do for it. You’re removing excess oil, bacteria and makeup from your pores, boosting your skin’s hydration by managing your pH levels, and helping your skin look youthful and fresh all day, every day.

BUT (and this but is as big as Kim K’s), this is not always enough for your skin.

When you use your hands, the cleanser is often unable to dig deep enough into your pores, and when you splash your face with water to rinse it, there is often a teeny bit of cleanser left on your skin which can actually clog your pores!

We’ve got the solution to all of your skin cleansing problems – say goodbye to congestion and hello to the beauty tool you’re cleansing routine has been missing…

QVS Facial Cleansing Sponges

Made from cellulose, this ridiculously soft in all the right ways and made from 100% natural fibres sponge is all you’ve been missing from your cleansing routine.

Scientifically proven to effectively decrease sebum levels on the skin, helping you say ‘Bye, Felicia’ to shine, breakouts and all the nasty bacteria on the surface of your skin.

A group of 24 skin-fanatic people tested these sponges both in a lab and at home. All applicants were obsessed with just how soft they were, and with the deep, effective clean they got from them. Comparing the effectiveness of cleansing against their hands and wet wipes, they found that our QVS Facial Cleansing Sponges were easily the most effective. We have been using them for years and thought it was about time that we actually let you in on our secret – and the lab has spoken!

Did you also know that for those of you who suffer skin allergies like dermatitis, rubbing and cleansing with your fingers can trigger painful irritations? Using a sponge decreases this skin to skin contact.

Simply swap out your grubby fingers for a soft, natural sponge alternative and experience an effective and rejuvenating cleanse like never before.


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