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Let's talk RED

The holiday period is a fun blend of great food, parties, festive decorations & family traditions. The much loved red hues that are embedded in each of these merriments are also loved by many in the way of lipstick!

The brilliant thing about red lipstick is that it suits everyone! Thanks to the many shades and variations available, you’re bound to find a red lippy that is perfectly suited to your complexion and hair colour.

We had a chat with Amy, an Australian makeup artist and she has given us her recommendations on what red lipstick is best for each skin tone.

All skin tones
Blue based reds have the talent of flattering all skin tones. They also brighten the eyes and make your teeth look whiter…bonus!

Pale/Fair skin
For pale skin tones, blue tone reds will enhance your complexion beautifully.

Olive skin
If you have olive skin or have applied bronzer or tan, orange based red lipsticks are ideal. They will instantly make your bronze glow look healthy and energetic!

If you have never experimented with a red lip try starting with a lip stain or red gloss. This will give you a hint of colour without the intensity of a lipstick. Alternatively try lining the lips with a nude lip pencil and then lightly fill with a red lipstick as a stain using a foundation sponge to pat the colour in place.

Ever wondered how the celebs achieve the 1950’s flawless lip? The trick is to lightly powder your lips, then apply a red lip liner & fill with lipstick using a lip brush for consistency and clarity.

Hot Tip:
Red looks best on skin that has a consistent tone with blemishes covered. Cover up imperfections with a touch of concealer or foundation, otherwise the intensity of the red will accentuate skin discolouration.

Here are 3 of Amy’s favourite reds!

  • MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (blue red)
  • MAC Lady Danger lipstick (orange red)
  • NARS Vesuvio lipstick

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