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Real beauty starts with Kim

Kim's story

“Being in an environment that is harsh on your skin and hands sometimes takes away the desire to look and feel beautiful.”

Kim Shaw is a very busy mother and wife, combining these two roles with full time work as an Administrator/Secretary at one of Europe’s largest hard stone quarries. Kim is very much one of the first faces people see when visiting the quarry, as she is generally on hand to ensure that people have completed appropriate paperwork and are wearing the correct safety clothing and shoes before venturing out on site.

Her main beauty concern is high cheek colouring and she took the opportunity to ask Lisa Armstrong how best she could tackle this problem on a day to day basis. Working within the Quarrying industry is definitely known as a man’s occupation, however recently more women have been introduced and are progressing up the career ladder.
High colouring is something that I have always struggled with and felt conscious about especially as I am getting older. Achieving a flawless complexion on a daily basis is something I have always wanted to accomplish, whilst still fitting it into my morning beauty regime. On a day to day basis I usually spend around 30 minutes applying makeup and styling my hair ready for a busy day at the quarry. I am always keen to learn new beauty tips and tricks and was delighted when QVS asked me to part of their ‘Real Beauty starts here…with You’ campaign.

In my early teen years I was very confident and experimented a lot with new beauty products and launches. I did once experiment with getting a perm but that idea soon backfired! I was never the trend setter I always followed the crowd so to speak yet I was a lot more positive about beauty then than I am now.

By my mid-twenties, I was married and had started a family and as a consequence I started to buy less expensive products and have less time to experiment with my looks. However, now my children are older and I have more time, I am able to treat myself by buying better moisturisers and cosmetics yet I still value quality and value for money

My daily beauty regime involves applying a good moisturiser and foundation, mascara and blusher, before I would apply my make up with my fingers however having been introduced to the QVS range there is no way I would go back to my old ways. I not only learnt that using quality brushes & cosmetic sponges helps achieve the perfect complexion but I learnt that looking good can lead to feeling great. Lisa Armstrong helped me to achieve a flawless complexion and made me feel like a real celebrity!

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