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3 need to know steps for all our contouring beginners out there!

Classic Contouring

After watching countless contouring tutorials and trying to memorise Kimmy K’s unblended contouring posts – we STILL struggled to perfect our contouring skills…until now!

Everyone has a different face shape and complexion, so it’s crucial to make sure you are placing your contour in the right position for your face.

The most common face shapes are;

– Round

– Diamond

– Oval

– Heart

Once you have your face shape identified – follow these 3 simple steps on how to correctly contour your face!


It’s all about that base

Beginners take note, evening out your complexion before you begin painting on that contour is really important. Firstly, grab your go-to foundation or tinted moisturiser and apply this evenly across your face. Using the QVS Air Brush will help you even out your skin tone, giving you the perfect canvas to work with!

Before you start contouring, you need to choose your colour. Our tip – pick wisely as not all contour kits are made equal (even though they appear to be!). A lot of people steer towards their bronzer when they contour, forgetting that their bronzer might be more pigmented and it may contain a shimmer, something you want to avoid with contouring! When choosing a contour colour, we advise choosing a matte, cool brown tone as it will help create natural definition (similar to how shadows work in paintings!). Where to get Viagra?

LIGHTLY (remember it’s always easier to add more than remove it!) apply your shade right to the hair line, under your cheek bones, jawline and anywhere else on your face you want to push back or recede


Let’s get sculpting!

The aim is to create a light outline for your contour. We recommend using the QVS Angled Blusher for effortless definition. Firstly, sweep your bronzer lightly along your hairline (blend, blend, blend!), then move onto the hollows of your cheeks. Once you’re happy with your cheeks, move onto your jaw line (don’t forget up towards the back of your ears!).- this will help to create definition

Always blend away any harsh lines with the QVS Powder Brush!

Did we say…blend?


Finishing touches

Now that you look refined and defined, it’s time to bring some colour back and make you pop!! Use your QVS Angled Blusher Brush and apply a blush of your choice to your cheeks. Provigil generic

It’s not over yet, you didn’t think we’d leave out highlighter, did you? Using your QVS Blending Brush, dust a highlighter across your cheek bones, cupids bow, the tip of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes. Doing this will draw attention to those areas and make them POP! Even though our Blending Brush was originally designed for eyeshadows, its perfect for highlighter as it allows you to apply it with precision.

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