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Let your brows do the talking

Mastering the art of the perfect brow

It’s the year of the brow! Whether you’re a power brow kind of girl or you prefer a natural effortless brow, mastering brow art can be a little tricky, luckily we’ve got a few handy tips to help you achieve brows that wow.

Groom them!

Yes, brow grooming is a thing! Use our QVS Brow Brush and listen carefully. When grooming your brows – always brush them in an upwards then diagonal motion following the direction they naturally grow in. Using the spoolie end of your brush will give them the best possible shape and ensure all the hairs are sitting in the same direction.

Measure them!

Ever had that moment where you are talking to a friend but all you can think about is how one of their brows looks longer than the other? We have! To avoid those awkward stares always make sure the beginning of your brows match up with the inner tear duct.

Fill them!

If soft, natural brow is your thing – we recommend using a brow powder (one shade lighter than your natural colour) to fill them in, this time using the angled brush end of the QVS Brow Brush.

For those of you who want more of a power brow – find a brow pomade that’s the same colour, if not one shade darker, than your natural brows. Start off by lightly colouring your brows then continue to build up the colour until your brows are on point!

Set them!

You’re not done yet! Now it’s time for the final step. Invest in a brow gel to ensure your brows stay perfect all day! If you want more body you can also use a tinted brow gel to coat any stray hairs – revealing a much fuller power brow.


Here are a few of our favourite products to make your brows pop!

Benefit “K-BROW” eye brow cream gel for a more defined arch

Benefit “FOOL PROOF” brow powder for natural looking fullness

Too Face “Chocolate brow-nie” cocoa powder pencil

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